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Article provided by: FOY Wellness & Recovery

Mental Health Program Agoura Hills

Mental Health Program Agoura Hills

Find out how a mental health program in Agoura Hills can keep you on track to achieving your addiction recovery goals; contact Foy Wellness & Recovery at 805-558-0839 to speak with a counselor who can help you take the first step on the path to wellness. With so many programs being offered today, it’s not easy knowing which one to choose or how to select the best recovery program; at Foy Wellness & Recovery, we make it easy to get help to overcome an addiction complicated by a mental health issue.

3 Ways Our Holistic Healing Center Can Keep You Grounded

1. Knowing that chronic relapse after addiction treatment is not your fault can mean a lot to our clients. If you’ve dealt with the shame of having to repeat a recovery program or check into rehab on multiple occasions, there’s good news for you- your recovery program may not have given you all of the tools you needed to succeed. At Foy Wellness & Recovery, we specialize in identifying undiagnosed mental health disorders that prevent patients from achieving long-term freedom from addiction.

Through PHP and IOP programs, you’ll find your feet on the right path in our Agoura Hills outpatient rehab. Speak with Ahills addiction IOP and PHP specialists right now when you call our addiction and mental health treatment center.

2. You may have heard that an overnight stay in treatment was the only way to beat addiction; in fact, the effectiveness of outpatient programs and day treatment has been proven time after time. Foy Wellness & Recovery is proud to offer our patients IOP treatment in Agoura Hills as a convenient way to deal with addiction without a huge interruption in their lives. If you’re in school, have a job, or have responsibilities at home, you can still engage in recovery programs that are customized to fit your schedule.

3. The best addiction treatment centers make enjoyable therapies available to patients during treatment. At Foy Wellness & Recovery, you’ll find a long list of healing therapies to choose from during recovery:

Outpatient treatment for mental health and addiction is infinitely more enjoyable when you have so many options for therapy available in the course of your day. Spend time working on yourself while you heal from the effects of addiction; after all, recovery is about more than just learning how substance abuse affects you- it’s also about enjoying the changes that occur while you leave addiction behind forever.

You won’t find a better Agoura Hills rehab than Foy Wellness & Recovery. We’ve put together a mental health program in Agoura Hills that is changing lives. Review Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Program on our website or reach out to us by phone at 805-558-0839 to speak with a counselor who can answer your questions. If you’re ready to make a change, we’ll meet you on the road to recovery.

Mental Health Program Agoura Hills
FOY Wellness & Recovery
Mental Health Program Agoura Hills
30125 Agoura Rd Suite F
Agoura Hills CA 91301

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