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Article provided by: The House of The Rising Son

Non 12 Step Treatment Programs

Non 12 Step Treatment Programs

The House of the Rising Son is a top-rated treatment center with unbeaten non 12 step treatment programs and the lowest relapse rates. We prepare patients for long-term success with sobriety by equipping them with critical life skills and coping mechanisms.

Our non-12-step treatment programs

Our non-traditional drug addiction treatment helps non-religious individuals seek professional help for their addiction disorders. We teach self-empowerment and avoid labeling 'addiction' as a disease. 

Our team of rehab professionals uses holistic therapies to teach critical life skills and coping mechanisms to individuals seeking long-term sobriety and stability. These tools enable our patients to tackle triggers, cravings, and stressful situations safely and effectively. We also use medication-assisted treatments to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and improve the chances of successful sobriety post-rehab.

What makes us the best non 12 step treatment provider in California?

Set in a breathtaking location, our rehab house is spacious, bright, and has a home-like feel to it. With cozy bedrooms, opulent restrooms, large and inviting living spaces, and multiple outdoor seating areas, our facility offers an ideal ambiance for residents to focus on healing and recovery.

Using a combination of detox, residential treatment, aftercare, and couples rehab, we help patients attain comprehensive recovery from addiction and their co-occurring mental health issues. As one of the few non-12-step recovery centers, we treat dual diagnosis using evidence-based treatments and holistic therapies.

Types of addiction treatments that we offer

As a pioneer alcohol and drug rehab to use a non-12-step approach, we create customized treatments for each patient to help them attain their recovery goals. Some of these include:

Do you need help with overcoming addiction as soon as possible? Contact The House of the Rising Son at 888-238-1038 to learn more about our non 12 step treatment programs. As a pioneer treatment center for alcohol and drug addiction, we use a combination of detox, behavioral modalities, holistic therapies, and non-12 step groups to help our clients embrace sobriety.

Non 12 Step Treatment Programs
The House of The Rising Son
Non 12 Step Treatment Programs
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